Ghazaleh Afrahi | Product Design

The Concept

‘WindPro’ is a mobile electricity generator designed for outdoor users such as researchers, photographers, campers, and scientists. It enables users to recharge their electronic devices at any location. ‘Wind Pro’ comes in the form of a portable wind turbine, designed for extreme weather conditions and challenging terrains such as mountains and deserts.

The Project

The concept design along with the early stages of the project had been carried out previously by a designer when a team of three, including myself, joined him to further develop the concept. This later phase of the project was realized under the supervision of the International Innovation Company (IIC), the Netherlands. In this phase, various steps such as user-, context- and competition analyses, usability, desirability, viability, and feasibility assessments, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), CAD modeling, FEM analysis, prototyping, and package design were developed.


SolidWorks, KeyShot, Lathe, Milling Machine, Line Bending Machine, and FDM Printer


Deyan Kolev
Johan Baguca
Tsvetelina Obretenova
Ghazaleh Afrahi