Ghazaleh Afrahi | Product Design

The Concept

‘Blossom’ is an interactive design that aims to address the issue of domestic food waste. The bowl’s shape constantly changes and draws the user’s attention to its contents. Simulating the natural effect of a blooming flower, the bowl’s petals gradually open up, ultimately releasing the fruit it stores inside. The user is thus faced with a simple choice: eat the fruit in time, or clean up the mess. This illustrates the design’s ‘pedagogical’ effect as it enables and fosters a pattern of sustainable behavior.

The Project

This project was developed by a group of three. The goal was to design an interactive product to save resources in a domestic environment with a focus on user interaction. The process included problem research and analysis, market research, user analysis and study of user behavior and user interaction, ideation, virtual prototyping, CAD modeling, BOM development, development of technical drawings, making mock-ups and a true scale prototype, and selection of materials and production methods.


SolidWorks, KeyShot, Unity, FDM Printer


Marius Hölter
Kacper Pietrzykowski
Ghazaleh Afrahi