Ghazaleh Afrahi | Product Design

The Design

The Robo Nights nightstand was inspired by 1970s and 1980s sci-fi and fantasy icons such as E.T. and Star Wars. Its sleek design also draws on the Scandinavian design tradition that blends a minimalist approach with strong aesthetics. Both highly functional and pleasing to the eye, this sturdy piece will fit a bedroom as well a home office space.

The Project

The brief of this project was to design and make a piece of furniture with a focus on exploring the use of machinery in a well-equipped woodshop. During this project, various phases including ideation, developing BOM and technical drawings, and prototyping were completed. To build the prototype, pieces were first cut based on the technical drawings. This was done with a panel saw for larger pieces and a band saw for the smaller ones. Next, the holes for dowel joints were added with a 32mm line drilling machine. Afterward, the edges of the parts were softened with a router table for increased user-safety. Grooves for attaching the back panels to the sideboards were made with the same machine. After preparing all the pieces, the parts were painted and assembled.


Drill Press, Panel Saw, Router Table, and Orbital Sander